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The Aquatic Trading Post Has Officially Opened!

NEW--The New Aquatic Trade Bucks (ATB) system has come to town and is in the power of your hands to use on your next live purchase.  With your FREE membership at ACC  bring us your aquatic treasures and start to save! Visit our website and look for the ATB button.  Once you are signed up we can get started.


Corals and Inverts-

Marine and Freshwater Fish-

Freshwater & Marine Plants


Ultra-aggressive fish or extremely large fish

Fish not kept in Aquarium Trade or illegal or local fish

Injured, sick, or somehow unsellable Trade

Diseased or damaged Trade

We have the right to refuse any trade for any reason at any time.  If you break any of the Trading Post Rules we will ban you from the program for 7 days and second offenders will be banned indefinitely.

We do track sickness from trade and will reach you if we do find your aquatic creatures become ill within the first 48 hours.  We will honor your trade credit but will put your credit on a 48-hour hold until we have a few good ones under our belt.  Continued sickness will result in being disqualified from our program.

Aquatic Trade Bucks (ATB)

  Your ATBs are what we give you in trade when you bring your aquatic life -in.  Your ATBs are  You will be instantly notified via email and have access to use online or in-store for your next purchase of aquatic creatures.  ATB has no cash value however, can be used to discount up to 50% of the aquatic portion of your invoice totaling up to the daily max of $150.00.   Trade bucks are valid for a period of 6 months from the date you brought us your trade, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Purchases made with ATB, the trade portion, will not be subject to any credits refunds, or returns for any circumstances.  Rewards, deals, and discounts can not be combined with ANY trade bucks purchase.  If a purchase was made in error ACC will manually remove the appropriate amount of ATB from your account and notify you via email.  By joining our Trade program you will personally take responsibility if any illegal or unknowing evasive or poisonous aquatic creatures are brought to our facility.  If you should have any questions about how to transport or if we will take we urge you to call us.

Times to Trade-

Mon 12-5

Wed-Friday 12-5

Saturday- Sunday 11-1


How to Bring us your Trade

Fish & Coral- Use 8 oz of water or more inside of a clean food-grade bag or container.  Please note we may not be able to return your containers to you and urge you to use bags whenever possible.  If you stop by ahead we can supply you with bags and rubber bands sometimes even a cooler.  Use safe methods for transport.  

Aquatic Plants -

Plants must be cut 5" min and put into a ziplock bag with name and QTY of cuts. Only one variety per bag.  A minimum of 5 cuttings are required for the trade. More value is assessed if you use led weights and wool. Floaters - Using a zip lock bag put a little water and fill the bag with your floaters. One variety per bag with a label/name on the bag.

Larger quantities Wholesale and breeders 

We would very much like to work with you however we ask that you reach us at to discuss value.

Value of Trade-

Trade values are values given to you in way of ATB and those can be used to buy aquatic life as per our guidelines. Once the trade is received here at our facility it will be valued within 24 hours of receipt and your credit will become live at that time.  We will offer you an advance on day one of what we feel your trade would be worth using. We understand you may not agree with our value system and ask that you reach us ahead and fill out our form online so we can get your trade a pre-value.  Once trades are dropped off and paperwork is received trades are final and products become the property of ACC and can not be taken back.