AquaStik Epoxy Putty - Stone Grey

Size: 2 oz
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AquaStik Epoxy Putty - Stone Grey 

Underwater Epoxy Putty for marine and freshwater aquariums, ponds, and paludariums. Also useful in reptile and small animal habitats. Neutral color. Non-toxic to fish, plants and small animals. Cures dry, damp, or underwater.

  • Use Instructions: 1. Cut off required amount of AquaStik.2. Knead with dry fingers for one minute to achieve a uniform color, (for people with sensitive skin gloves should be used.)3. Apply to surface within two minutes of mixing.The mixed epoxy doesn't have high bond strength at this point, but it stiffens in 5 minutes, hardens in 20 minutes and completely cures in 24 hours. Put unmixed portion Bank in tube for later use. Use of large quantities may temporarily cause protein skimmer to foam excessively. Turn off skimmer for 36 hours after use.

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