Dr. Tim’s Aquatics Saltwater AquaCleanse Tap Water Detoxifier

Size: 4 oz
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DrTim’s Aquatics Saltwater AquaCleanse Tap Water Detoxifier

Provide a safe and clean environment for your corals and fish when using this Saltwater AquaCleanse Tap Water Detoxifier from DrTim’s Aquatics. This powerful fish tank cleaning solution works to eliminate harmful chemicals, such as chloramines, chlorine and ammonia from tap water so your corals can swim about in the freshest water.

DrTim’s Aquatics Saltwater AquaCleanse Tap Water Detoxifier works to remove offensive odors and is ideal for when you’re setting up a new Saltwater fish tank or aquarium or during water changes. The all-natural solution goes to work within 15 seconds to refresh your Saltwater aquarium and eliminate toxins that are harmful to aquatic creatures. AquaCleanse is available in quantities that include 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128 ounces.

Find all the pet supplies and aquarium resources you need at DrTim’s Aquatics. With formulas backed by scientific research and innovation, DrTim’s Aquatics’ products ensure that your fish and corals have a clean and safe environment.

- For Saltwater Tanks, Aquariums
- Eliminates Tap Water Chemicals
- Eliminates Chlorine, Ammonia, Chloramines
- Reduces Offensive Odors
- 100% Natural

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