Dr. Tim's Aquatics Re-Fresh Revitalizer for Reef

Size: 4 fl oz
Sale price$16.99


Revitalizes old, green/brown aquarium water. Re-FRESH is a potent combination of beneficial bacteria that work together to maintain clear water, clean aquarium surfaces and eliminate odors.

  • Use Instructions: Shake well before using. Minimum dose 5 ml (1 capful) per 10 gallons of water. Re-Fresh should be added on a weekly basis to help maintain a clear, clean and sparkling aquarium. For best results turn skimmer & UV off for 8-12 hours after dosing. Do not add other water conditioners on the same day as Re-Fresh.
  • Benefits: 1. Removes red and green stains from surfaces.2. Revitalizes old, smelly brown water.3. Keeps water odor free.4. Reduces organics.5. 100% Natural.

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