Dr Tim's - First Defense Stress Relief for Saltwater

Size: 8 oz
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DrTim’s Aquatics Saltwater First Defense Fish Stress Relief and Immune Support

It’s not easy for fish and coral to adapt to a new environment, but with First Defense Fish Stress Relief and Immune Support, the transition can be smooth. This innovative product from DrTim’s Aquatics works to help fish adapt to new environments by revitalizing the natural slime coat of the Saltwater aquarium or fish tank. In addition, Saltwater First Defense Fish Stress and Immune Support detoxifies heavy metals, promotes healing and repairs wounds.

Infuse your Saltwater fish tank or aquarium with the all-natural First Defense solution that supports the immune system with immunostimulants and vitamins. This scientifically-designed First Defense helps fish and corals cope with stress that stems from bagging and fishing, environmental changes, water changes and disease treatments. First Defense is available in quantities of 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128 ounces.

Find all the pet supplies and aquarium resources you need at DrTim’s Aquatics. With formulas backed by scientific research and innovation, DrTim’s Aquatics’ products ensure that your fish and corals have a clean and safe environment.

- For Saltwater Tanks, Aquariums
- Supports Immune Systems
- Eases Stress, Repairs Wounds, Promotes Healing
- Infused with Vitamins, Immunostimulants
- 100% Natural

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