Flipper DeepSee Torch LED Light

Sale price$19.99


  • FL!PPER's DEEPSEE Spotlight easily attaches to any DeepSee Magnified Viewer and has a precisely focused torch-like beam ideal for spying on all your nocturnal creatures! Rechargeable LED SpotLights for Use with ALL FL!PPER DeepSee MAGNIFIED Viewers (Nano, Standard, and MAX)
  • GREAT FOR VIEWING NOCTURNAL CREATURES and SPOTTING UNWANTED PESTS! See your tank like never before with fish-friendly torch-like beams of light through your FL!PPER DeepSee MAGNIFIED Viewer (sold separately)
  • PERFECT FOR AQUARIUM PHOTOGRAPHY! Blue and White rechargeable LED Lights that can be used individually or combined for multiple light settings
  • EASY ON/OFF ATTACHMENT! Unit comes complete with USB Charging Cable and easily attaches via a swivel type bracket connector which fits to the Viewer frame using 3M double sided tape and can be removed leaving the bracket on viewer when not in use

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