HydroPlex - 16 fl oz

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HydroPlex - 16 fl oz

HypoPlex by Ruby Reef controls parasites and microscopic organisms such as bacteria, ciliated protozoa, dinoflagellates, copepods, small helmenthics and annelids in decorative or other closed system ponds from entering your aquaria. This copper free, antibiotic free, formaldehyde free, malachite green free and methylene blue free pharmaceutical can even be used as a dip regimen for cleaning new arrivals, or for treating diseased fish and is highly recommended for best results. Primary and secondary bacterial or fungal infections as well as external parasite wounds or fin and tail rot on koi or goldfish can be treated with HypoPlex, as it speeds up healing and recovery time. This effective substance will help keep your fish free from harmful organisms and parasites if used correctly. Corals and polyps should be closed and retracted before treatment exposure and closely monitored. When using this formula, carefully follow instructions to avoid harm to your pets, corals, yourself and the environment.

Not recommended to use with amphibians or cephalopods, and is NOT reef safe. Be sure not to use HypoPlex in ponds that discharge into the environment.

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