Mini Clip On LED for Rimless Aquariums - Black

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Up Aqua Mini Clip On LED Light for Rimless Aquariums - Black

-Slim design that provides an elegant style

-High luminosity

-Energy saving

-Environmentally friendly

-Long lasting

Up Aqua’s Mini Clip On LED Light is ideal for betta aquariums or other rimless desktop aquariums. The 3” x 1 3/4” x 1/4” LED fixture sits on the end of a 4 1/2” flexible yet rigid goose-neck type mount. The light will bend to fit perfectly over any desktop aquarium. The light is sufficient for low light level plants in a small betta aquarium 6” or less.

PAR value: 68 @ 6"

Power consumption: 2.8 watts

Input power: 110 volt

LED count: 5 x .5 watts

Clips to 8mm or 5/16" max thickness glass

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