Red Sea Iodine Pro Test Kit

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Iodine Pro is a high accuracy (0.02ppm) analytical comparator test kit (50 tests).

  • Use Instructions: 1. Rinse the vial marked “standard” & syringe with RO or distilled water and dry thoroughly.2. Using the syringe provided, place exactly 5 ml of RO water into the standard vial, close the vial firmly with the cap and place the vial into the aquarium for 10 minutes to allow the water in the vial to reach the temperature of the aquarium water.3. After 10 min. take the standard vial out of the aquarium and add 1 level measuring spoon of Iodine standard 0.06 ppm powder. Close the vial with the cap and shake until the powder is fully dissolved.4. Using the syringe provided, place exactly 5 ml of the water to be tested into the other vial (sample vial).5. Add 5 drops of Iodine Pro Reagent A to both the sample and standard vials.6. Add 8 drops of Iodine Pro Reagent B to both the sample and standard vials.7. Stand both of the vials in their designated positions on the color card.8. The standard vial acts as a timer for the reaction. Check the color of the water in the standard vial by looking into the vial from above and watch to see when thecolor in the standard vial matches the color of 0.06 ppm on the color card. This is the end point of the test reaction, which will take approximately 5 – 15 minutes for an aquarium at 25°C (77°F). The warmer the water the quicker the reaction.9. When the end point of the test reaction has been reached look into the sample vial from above and compare the color in the vial to the colors on the card andchoose the Iodine level that gives the closest color match. If necessary, estimate an intermediate value.10. The color in the sample vial will remain stable for 5 minutes. Do not relate to the color in the sample vial after this time.
  • Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated
  • Number of Tests: 50 Count

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