Red Sea Reef Test Kit Phosphate Pro

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Phosphate Pro is a high Definition (0.02ppm) analytical comparator test kit (100 tests) - incl. professional colorimetric comparator

  • Use Instructions: 1. Using the syringe provided, place exactly 17 ml of the water to be tested into both of the glass vials.2. Insert one of the vials (control vial) into the outer hole of the comparator.3. Add 10 drops of Phosphate Pro Reagent A to the other vial (reaction vial), close the vial with the cap and shake for a few seconds.4. Add 4 drops of Phosphate Pro Reagent B using the pipette, close the vial with the cap and shake for a few seconds.5. Remove the cap from the reaction vial and insert the vial into the center hole of the comparator.6. Wait 15 minutes for the color in the reaction vial to stabilize.NOTE: If the water sample has cooled to below 20°C wait for 20 minutes.7. When the end point of the test reaction has been reached look into both vials from above and rotate the color disc until the closest color match possible is achieved between the vials. Note: Turbidity or severe coloration of the water sample may distort the colors.8. The phosphate level corresponding to the color selected is printed on the color disc as indicated by the pointer on the side of the comparator body. If necessary, estimate an intermediate value.9. The color in the reaction vial will remain stable for 5 minutes. Do not relate to the color in the reaction vial after this time.
  • Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated environment and away from direct sunlight. Keep containers closed when not in use.
    • Number of Tests: 100 Count

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