Seachem de nitrate Nitrate Remover

Size: 250ml
Sale price$5.49


de'nitrate is an economical, natural, porous material with a pore distribution and geometry that promotes both aerobic nitrification within the first few millimeters of depth and anaerobic denitrification at the core. The material has a high surface area and supports a high density of bacteria. Although de'nitrate has capacity to trap nitrate, this, as with other nitrate retaining materials, such as certain zeolites and synthetic resins, is quite limited and the primary mechanism of nitrate removal is anaerobic.

  • Benefits: 1. Removes nitrates, nitrites, ammonia and organics.2. High porosity biological media.3. No danger of hydrogen sulfide production as with sulfur based media.
  • Compatible Filter Type: Canister Filter; Sumps; Box Filter

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