Seachem Reef Glue 0.7 oz

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Reef Glue - 0.7 oz

Seachem Reef Glue safe and fast acting cyanoacrylate gel that has been specially designed to glue and mount coral frags and colonies to live reef rock or ceramic plugs. As the coral frags themselves are extremely delicate, it is of the upmost importance to be able to safely and gently affix them to surfaces without damage and without them constantly falling off of their mounts. This new and improved formula is actually 17 times thicker than competing brands, making it easier to control and with significantly less mess to clean up. Furthermore, to make Seachem Reef Glue even better, the solution bonds within seconds, even underwater! With incredibly versatility, the glue can be used in both freshwater and saltwater environments and comes with a no mess cap in an aluminum tube to ensure the glue itself won’t dry out prior to use.


Dispense a small amount of glue prior to each use to ensure the best quality glue is being used for applications. Carefully put a small amount of glue onto one of the surfaces needed to be glued, then press and hold these individual surfaces together for approximately 20 seconds. Wipe the tip free of glue before replacing the cap.

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