Solo 15 Tower Glass Aquarium (15G 12"x 12"x 24")

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Mr. Aqua Solo Tower Aquarium Specifications:

  • 15 Gallon Tower Aquarium
  • Exact Dimensions of the Aquarium Tower: 11.9375" x 12" x 24"
  • Thick glass for increased rigidity
  • Specially formulated high strength silicone
  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eyes
  • Unique, vertical tower design

About the Solo Aquarium Tower

Are you looking for a tall aquarium for your bookshelf? This aesthetically appealing Mr. Aqua' "Pure" 15 gallon tall cube glass tower aquarium is produced using high clarity 5mm glass. The clarity of the glass provides a cleaner appearance than acrylic, and allows for a clear view of your aquatic life. The aquarium tower style is a great addition to an office, corporate lobby area, or in the comfort of your home.

Quality German Manufacturing

The Mr. Aqua brand utilizes a thicker glass for increased rigidity with a specially formulated silicone manufactured in Germany. This silicone bonds the glass together with extreme strength to ensure utmost quality and strength of your fish tank. Not only does this provide exceptional strength and durability for your tower aquarium, it is also tested and safe for your fish, coral, plants, and invertebrates.

Each non-tempered glass aquarium designed by Mr. Aqua is meticulously assembled with straight and true beveled cut glass and a fine application of high strength silicone. This makes Mr. Aqua aquariums exceptionally watertight, rigid, and aesthetically pleasing to the viewer. Additionally, the unique tall rectangular shape of Mr. Aqua's Solo tower aquariums are beautiful and will make a gorgeous display for a variety of freshwater and saltwater species. No matter if you are an aquascaping or fishkeeping enthusiast, this tower aquarium is sure to make a stunning display in your living area or bedroom.

Important Info about Your Tall Aquarium:

For this tall aquarium, the surface should be flush perfectly along the entire surface of the bottom of the aquarium. There should be absolutely no areas of separation from the surface of the glass to the surface the aquarium rests on. Additionally, the surface where the aquarium rests needs to be completely level. You will need to ensure that the surface doesn't have any physical dips or debris as these will cause pressure points on the glass. Finally, your tall aquarium must be placed on a closed foam mat that is at least 0.25" thick. The mat will need to cover the entire surface of the bottom of the aquarium.

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