Syncra ADV 7.0 Multifunction Pump - 1900 gph

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Syncra ADV 57.0Multifunction Pump - 1900 gph

The Sicce Syncra ADV 7.0 Multifunction Pump is a top of the line versatile pump designed for a variety applications such as freshwater and marine aquariums, indoor and outdoor fountains. The unit is exceptionally quiet for minimal disturbance and the energy efficient motor uses thermal protection to prevent any overheating. Features a durable ceramic shaft, rubber footing for nearly silent operation, to reduce vibration and is well suited for both wet and dry applications. The self cleaning impeller makes maintenance significantly easier and the unit includes a protective disk to eliminate the risk of debris entering into the rotor chamber and damaging the pump. For added freedom of use, the pump comes with a front grid that allows aquarists to choose between bottom or top water suction and to determine the level of flow regulation. Has a flow rate of 1500 gph, energy efficient output of 50 watts and a max head height of 10 feet.

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