Syncra SDC Multi-Function Pump 3.0 - 400-800 GPH

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Syncra SDC Multi-Function Pump 3.0 - 800 GPH

The Sicce Syncra SDC Multi-Function Pump 3.0 is a fully submersible, compact recirculation pump with advanced Wi-Fi capability. The state of the art pump can be integrated with all Syncra SDC pumps and provides a new and improved voice command system that allows for control over functions such as power on, shut down, reading alerts in case it is activated and preset changes of flow and pump power (increase/decrease 10%). The incredibly efficient wet/dry pump is compatible with iOS and Android devices, and includes a remote controller (Wi-Fi) that allows you to regulate the functions of your pump from anywhere in your home. The versatile pump can be used in both freshwater and saltwater environments and features 360° chamber rotation and a self-cleaning impeller to reduce maintenance. The variable speed Syncra SDC 3.0 features a max flow rate of 800 GPH, a max head height of 7.5 feet and tops out at 35 watts. A 10 foot cable and hose fittings are included with the pump.

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