Seachem Laboratories Mesh Filter Bag with Zipper LG mesh White 19In X 17 in

Sale price$8.99


Zip Bag - 19" x 17"

Seachem Zip Bag is a unique PVC filter media bag that allows fishkeepers to customize the types of media that they choose to put into their filters. This stitched seam filter bag is incredibly durable and features a corrosion proof zipper to maintain optimal security. The fine mesh comes with a durable zipper that ensures your media is secured within the bag itself. The bag is 19" x 17" in size and can easily fit 18 liters of media, making it well suited for nearly every type of media on the market especially biofilteration. It offers aquarium owners the flexibility and freedom to use the products they need, and not the ones they don't. Be careful not to overfill the bag to the point of ripping or tearing.

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