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  • Aquarium Care Center
            1776 Bloomsbury Ave, Ocean,  NJ 07712
  • +800-519-9211 

  •          Monday 11AM–6PM
             Tuesday Closed
             Wednesday 11AM–6PM
             Thursday 11AM–6PM
             Friday 11AM–7PM
             Saturday 11AM–5PM
             Sunday 11AM–5PM

Our Story

From The Very Beginning, we hope to Revolutionize your Aquarium Experience. Aquarium Care Center's new Central headquarters houses our newest creation our Freshwater and Saltwater stores. Two Unique experiences, both freshwater and saltwater fully stocked with all the gear you will need and the most amazing well kept aquatic creatures ready in our behind-the-scenes care center. Housing 1000's of gallons of critical care systems to help stabilize and strengthen the fish before they go home with you. A unique rewards shopping program along with a free, and soon a paid Plus, Membership that gets you more than you could imagine in savings and unique deals using our APP. Along with not only a view into our Coral and Saltwater Aquatics Grow room and NEW classroom. We will be offering FREE and paid in-person and ONLINE educational Classes. We want to invite you down to enjoy an afternoon of Aquatic fun for the whole family. Private shopping, express pick up, and local delivery will be offered as soon as our new website is completed, as well as touch tanks for the kids. Get ready to grab your tickets soon.

Membership and Rewards

Perhaps what helps us make your experience better. From the concept, ACC knows what it takes to keep long-term aquatic relationships from our service business. We created an all-new system that tracks your purchases and offers you tons of ways to use your Rewards points. Every Time you purchase you get pints that you can use to get discounts and money off. Our rewards program is also a membership program. We offer ALL of our customers a FREE membership to our rewards program. Once you sign up you can get free rewards to spend in the store for just getting being a part of our team. Starting in September we will offer a Plus Membership that will give you extreme power, which is to leverage our new aquatic compound and its features. An example is our private shopping, everyday discounts, one on one tank talks, and our educational programs. So with bulk discounts, subscription discounts on sustainable items such as salt and carbon. Come join us a give it a try. Its FREE.

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