SHIPPING: ACC has been importing and selling exotic fish and coral for over 20 years. Every aquatic specialist at our facility is fully trained to handle all forms of aquarium life and also is well versed on our packaging methods and shipping protocols implemented to ensure the live and safe delivery of the specimens ordered.


Live animals will be placed in 2 appropriately sized 3 mil bags (double bagged) with a portion of saltwater specific to the size and kind of item being shipped. The bags are then put inside another liner bag and sealed. The live animals are then added to a double insulated box with a burst strength of 300 lbs for ultimate protection. Heat or ice packs are added when needed to maintain the proper temperature, depending on the weather forecast in your region. Prior to any items being shipped we always check weather updates. If weather alerts have been posted for your region ACC will not ship.


ACC Live ships - Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, and Thursday. All orders are shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight®. Once your order ships, you will receive an e-mail containing your FedEx tracking number. Someone must be available at the time of delivery to receive livestock and to minimize exposure to the rain and/or extreme temperatures. We recommend you hold your package at the FedEx facility if possible, this is the best method for the animals by minimizing additional exposure to the elements. We do not ship anything live unannounced or unscheduled. You will receive a tracking number the day before your shipment arrival. Upon request, we can hold all orders for a maximum of one week. ACC does not require a signature for shipments however we insist that you open and begin acclimation as soon as the package arrives to minimize stress and also to withhold your warranty if something should go wrong.


Due to our extensive quarantine process, all livestock available for purchase has been fully conditioned and quarantined. If for some reason an individual item (or the entire order) does not survive the trip, you will receive a credit towards another order which is valid for one year. You must notify us via email of DOA items within 4 hours of delivery. We may ask you to provide photos of these items, so do not throw anything away. There are absolutely no refunds given on any shipping charges. We are not responsible for errors in acclimation, general care (water chemistry, livestock compatibility, lighting/water flow requirements, etc), and all purchases assume the customer has intermediate to advanced reef keeping experience.


Canceled orders have a 20% restocking fee. Balance of order can be kept on file for a credit valid for one year or will be refunded, please allow 1-2 weeks for this to appear on your billing statement. *Charge backs without contacting us first via email are illegal and violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.