API E.M. Erythromycin Freshwater Fish Powder Medication

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For the treatment of fresh and saltwater bacterial diseases such as body slime, mouth fungus, open lesions. Inhibits disease spread when introducing new fish into an aquarium. Can be used with other remedies to prevent secondary infection.

  • Ingredients: Erythromycin
  • Use Instructions: For each 10 gallons of water, empty one packet directly into aquarium. Repeat dose after 24 hours. Wait another 24 hours then change 25% of the aquarium water. Repeat this treatment for a second time, for a total of 4 doses. Then make a final 25% water change and add fresh activated carbon or replace filter cartridge.
  • Storage Instructions: Store in original containers. Keep containers securely sealed. Store in a cool, dry area protected from environmental extremes.

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