Eshopps EZ Feeder Aquarium Frozen Fish Food Dispenser With Anti-Slip Magnet

Sale price$39.99


EZ Feeder allows you to easily defrost & feed your aquarium's inhabitants in a convenient, secure location. EZ Feeder is equipped with an o-ring sealed lid & strong anti-slip rubber padded magnet that holds max tank thickness up to 1/2” (12.5mm). The sealed lid allows you to fully submerge EZ Feeder for a slow release of food and allows bottom-dwelling fish to feed easily. This simple but amazing product is constructed of high-quality clear over neon orange-colored acrylic. EZ Feeder is a beautiful necessity for every aquarium hobbyist.

  • Easily defrosts food
  • Strong anti-slip magnet
  • Slow-release of food

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