Glow Action Bubbling Anemone with Sponge Coral - Purple

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Glow Action Bubbling Anemone with Sponge Coral - Purple

Glow Action Bubbling Anemone with Sponge Corals by Underwater Treasures produce soft lighting and beautiful bubbles, creating a striking effect. These incredibly realistic decorations are hand-crafted and painted using only the highest quality materials. This ornament will also glow underneath actinic lighting; demonstrating a super cool look in both darker night and brighter day environments. These extremely life-like decorations are equipped with a suction cup base to sit firmly at the bottom of your tank, molded in soft silicone and TPR, and safe to use in any freshwater or saltwater aquarium. Included airline tubing attaches to your air pump to power the bubbles, allowing this ornament to aerate your aquarium. 7.48" x 6.02" x 7.4"

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