Hikari Betta Herbal Revive 0.08oz

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An herbal treatment for ich and common fungal issues bettas encounter. The proprietary formulation offers rapid results without troublesome dyes.

  • Use Instructions: For the prevention and control of disease conditions of bettas; best when used with daily water changes. When changing water, new water should be the same temperature as the water the betta is in. Use Aquarium Solutions® Betta Ultimate® to make tap water safe for your betta and speed healing. Use one (1) drop per 16 fl. oz of water daily for at least four (4) days and up to 14 days. Discontinue use of Herbal Betta Revive™ three (3) days after visible signs of a resolution have been achieved. If issue has not been resolved within 14 days, other treatment options should be explored.Perform regular water changes to keep the pH stable and the water clean and clear. Use Betta Ultimate®, at its regular dose, to control ammonia levels as needed. Use only a salicylate-type total ammonia test kit. Do NOT use Nessler-type ammonia test kits, nor Winkler-type dissolved oxygen test kits. Do not use with permanganate or chlorite-based treatments. For assistance with Betta health issues try Betta Revive.

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