Kats Aquatics Salty Sensations Invert Calcium

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That's right, Salty Sensations is the first calcium enriched saltwater invert food on the market. With calcium carbonate as the first ingredient, followed by a variety of nutritous foods, our guaranteed analysis blows other foods out of the water. 


      Rest assured because the calcium used is water insoluble. Meaning that it is physically incapable of altering your prized water paramters (stay safe Alkalinity, KH, and Hardness!). The tablets won't dissolve into the water, and do sink rapidly, allowing your inverts to find and consume the tablets with ease. That is when the tablets become biologically available for your inverts - once they begin digesting it. 


       Calcium consumption expontentially increases the benefits of the calcium and nutritional value of the tablets as a whole, rather than taking a risk and dosing your water with calcium. 



  • Packed with ingestible calcium
  • High protein content for growth and vitality 
  • Won't affect water paramters under proper use 
  • Easy! No dosing or micromanaging required. Drop a tablet in and forgettaboutit!
  • Thorvin Kelp as a main ingredient for optimal micronutrients
  • Sustainably sourced and made 


What Animals Eat This?

While your marine fish will definitely be enticed by the tablets, their square shape, rigid structure, and fast sinking capabilities make it difficult for your fish to snatch the food meant for your bottom dweller!

  • Saltwater Shrimp (peppermint shrimp, cleaner shrimp, blood fire red, etc)
  • Saltwater Crabs (herbit crabs, emerald crabs, arrow crabs, horseshoe, etc)
  • Saltwater snails (bumble bee, Conch, etc) 
  • Starfish (Red serpent, Chocolate Chip, etc) 



  • calcium deprivation (nearly ALL aquarium inverts are calcium deprived) 
  • weak, damaged shells
  • no more failed molts
  • prevent premature death



  • breeding
  • healthy youngster growth
  • strong beautiful shells
  • healthy, fulfilled ecosystem - just like mother nature intended


Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate, Fish meal, Water, Wheat, Throvin Kelp, Egg Protein, Spirulina, Garlic. 



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