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Mag - Float Pad / Felt Replacement Pad - Medium

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Pad/Felt replacement for the Float-125 (Medium) - contains one pad and one felt.

  • Use Instructions: 1. Remove old pad/felt entirely without damaging the plastic surface of the magnet2. Apply mineral spirits on a cloth and rub plastic surface until all excess glue is cleared (Use latex gloves)3. Wait until plastic surface is completely dry before applying new pad/felt4. Peel back paper backing from new pad/felt approximately a quarter of the way5. Line up the new pad/felt with the plastic surface area of the magnet6. Apply pressure to the pad/felt are that has been peeled off so it glues on to the plastic surface of the magnet7. Apply pressure to the rest of the new pad/felt as you slowly remove the rest of the paper backing (This will avoid any air bubbles to be formed between the plastic surface and pad/felt)Note:1. Felt is applied to the magnet that contains the logo Mag-Float2. Pad is applied to the magnet that does not contain the logo Mag-Float

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