Medic - 30 ml

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Medic - 30 ml

Medic by PolypLab is a reef safe and extremely effective water conditioner best used to control and eliminate external fish parasites that are often present in both marine and freshwater ecosystems. Medic is formulated with an oxidizing agent that is especially effective against both freshwater and marine ich and marine velvet, making this an excellent anti-ich medication. Medic targets the free-swimming stage of the parasite, a unique trait among ich medications. The free-swimming stage of ich is one of the most problematic challenges in achieving total ich removal, making Medic very valuable in ridding your environment entirely of parasites. Medic is also totally reef-safe, buffered to maintain physiological pH, and harmless to invertebrates and nitrifying bacteria. PolypLab's Medic is an original and unique formula for parasite elimination, a safe and effective pick for any aquarium owner needing a fast and powerful solution.

Important: Do not use ozone and carbon during the treatment. UV filters can be used one hour after dosing. Continue dosing with Medic for the minimum entire course (10 days) even if white specks are no longer visible on the fish. After treatment is completed, run granular activated carbon for 2-3 days.

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