Bali Aquaculture WYSIWYG-Platinum Extreme Clown Fish WYSIWYG (Amphiprion Percula)

Size: Medium
Sale price$79.99


Bali Tank-raised Clownfish are AMAZING!US clownfish are wonderful and Fish Farms in  Bali bring a fresh breath of air to the Clownfish US market. With unique patterns, larger sizes, brighter colors, and TRUE colors these clownfish look to pack a punch! They have been kept in a disease-free clean environment and we also keep them in their very own system. The costs of these fish are slightly higher than the US product however take a look at the difference! We will offer these fish for store and online sales. When WYSIWYG has listed the fish in the video are the fish you will receive unless there are special notes in the bio. We do everything we can to say these fish are QT and totally clean from disease but we can't. What we can say is there are the cleanest clowns on the east and we always recommend the QT process for all of you fish keepers.

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