Red Sea Reef Dose 2

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ReefDose 2

An essential tool in any reefkeeper's aresenal, the Red Sea ReefDose 2 is a state-of-the-art dosing controller designed for the daily dosing of supplements in delicate reef aquariums. Two bespoke single-drop accuracy dosing heads feature a direct-drive planetary gear-motor and boasts an exceptional accuracy of ± 0.05ml or an average deviation of 0.5% (over 10ml). The unit uses a "dynamic dosing queue" run by the controller to ensure that each head is perfectly coordinated for the dosing schedule. The queue is automatically updated after any setting changes and intuitively reschedules doses missed by unscheduled events or power outages.Using the wifi enabled ReefBeat App, reefkeepers will have complete, unmatched control over ever facet of their ReefDose units. The futuristic interface can be customized for scheduled 24-hour dosing, dosing levels, liquid food dosing, a "whisper" mode for almost silent operation and a "turbo" mode for dosing quickly. The app also provides a dose log to view all doses per hour for the past 30 days and a coordinated list of all doses scheduled for that day. Easy to remove click-on/click-off dosing heads make maintenance quick and hassle free and the unit includes a wall mounting bracket for easy installation.

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