Sea & Reef - Electric Indigo Dottyback (Pseudochromis fridmani x Pseudochromis sankeyi)

Size: Small
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The Electric Indigo Dottyback is a hybrid dottyback and is the result of pairing an Indigo Dottyback Dottyback and a Striped Dottyback. The color scheme is similar to the Striped Dottyback, but with an electric purplish-bluish hue. The Electric Indigo Dottyback is very hardy and peaceful, which makes it a perfect beginner fish.

Temperament & Captive Care

Many Dottyback species have a reputation for being feisty, but the Indigo Dottyback is a small and less aggressive species. It is hardy and thrives in saltwater aquariums. Expect it to be shy at first and hide in the rockwork and crevices. However, it will quickly become bolder and spend more time in the open. It is possible to establish a pair if you select a large and a small fish. Dottybacks are protogynous hermaphrodites meaning they are born female and can change sex to males. The larger fish will typically change into a male and a pair is formed. It is the male’s job to guard the eggs and it is normal to not see him for days while he is performing this job.


Most dottybacks love meaty food items like Mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, krill, and various frozen meaty aquarium foods. However, they will also readily accept pellets and flake food. Indigo dottybacks will feast on bristle worms in your tank if they are present. It is not uncommon to see white bristle worm spines protrude from their faces. This does not seem to bother them and the spines will quickly disappear.

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